Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why is it that others do so well online and people like me find it so hard to achieve any momentum?

On Thanksgiving day 2013, as a result of failure after failure to generate any money online, I finally decided to put my foot down!

My struggles are real and hit home in my heart like nothing has ever hit me before. After more than 1 year (10 years in IT) of trying to earn an online income to replace my current income as a full time truck driver, I have come to a crossroads in my quest for success.

Why is it that others do so well online and people like me find it so hard to achieve any momentum? 

I'm an X-Convict, Saved Christian, and Trucker who is trying to replace my current income. Why am I doing this? You see, God called my wife and myself into the ministry, three times, long ago and we both turned God down because we didn't believe we were ready. Shame on us!

Now, the call has come again full force and we both want this more than ever before... So, I made a commitment to build a replacement income online so we can begin doing what God called us too.

To start, I have discovered some major roadblocks that prevented my success so I had to dig deep down inside, into the past and present, to find the reasons why so many struggles are preventing this. And what I found are some startling discoveries indeed.


Be inspired, and shocked, by my True Story as I begin to unravel the mystery of making money online and how all this came to be.

Sign-Up on the waiting list below to get my free e-book when it goes live to the world. I will be sharing some very unique, shocking information that will inspire you to find your place in the world as well.

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