Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Portland DUI Lawyer | (503) 400-7800 | DUI Attorney Portland

Being arrested on DUI charges is not only serious but can be extremely
stressful, upsetting, and humiliating. 

There is really no such thing as a basic or minor DUI offense under today's strict laws, 
simply giving in and pleading guilty is a decision that many people later regret.
A DUI conviction can have far-reaching effects, not only financially
but on your family and even your career. 

As soon as you've been arrested it's in your best interest to contact an experienced am dedicated Portland DUI attorney.
You will be able to get the council you need to ensure that you do everything you can to protect your rights
and freedom. 

You have a legal right to speak with an attorney and it's in your best interest to quickly exercise that right.
If you decide to hire a Portland DUI Lawyer, keep in mind that even if an attorney works in criminal defense,
they are not necessarily qualified to handle a DUI defense case!

We have the skills, experience, and commitment you need. From the moment you meet with us, you'll have a vigorous advocate
who understands what you're going through, knows the law, and will guide you through the complex maze of choices and decisions 
you'll need to consider. Call today for your free consultation 
(503) 400-7800

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